Saturday, February 3, 2018

People pleasers ... stand up straight.

In this world we live in... we can't take respect for granted. When we're disrespected.... it might take some of us a little time to realize it... especially if we're people pleasers. (Ahem.. me) but when we acknowledge it, understand it and over think it, till we verbalize it (😉😊) many days or weeks have passed. It still stings like the first time. More so even, because we now have shame attached to it for not recognizing the disgrace sooner. 

Please think of this...
This does not make us weak... it makes us stronger. How? Because we  know ourselves... we know how we internalize it and the feel the catastrophic effects it has on us, sevenfold. We now know the damage done... but we're resilient still. Knowledge is power. We're not powerless ... we're made powerful by the recognition if our epiphany.
 Our opressers may not  take responsibility for their part in this injustice done to us, (when confronted) but what they don't understand .. is that our justice and acknowledgement comes from their pathetic denial... not their half hearted and pathetic false promises to "never do it again" while claiming no such accountability. We see you for who you are, what you stand for and what your "truth" represents.. and thats their egotistical self. If it doesn't serve them... it's not worth their argument... that's the trouble with sociopaths and narcissists.
 We must keep moving on... standing up when challenged... because without our tender hearts and trust in humanity, all is lost. 
Keep fighting the good fight.

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