Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Black and Orange Caterpillar..

Today my good friend asked me..."What is your blog about?? I said , "Nothing." She said, "Ooh, like Seinfeld!"...hahaha...Got to love her.  I just felt like starting one...felt like...blah, blah, blogging I guess. I was told today i was too random. So, I think I'll tell people it's about...random things.

Enough of that. Thats my explanation in a nut shell.

I need Ibuprofen and some cammomile tea , if you know what I mean...and a long hot bubble bath. I'm typing away and I hear in the background, the governers debate, my sweet baby cooing at her daddy and my boys in the bath tub splashing water all over the floor that Im about to go soak my socks on....but all I can think on the way to pick up Gabe from school, I ran over a fuzzy caterpillar in the road. Poor thing. :)

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