Friday, October 15, 2010

Finishing what i start.

I love to write, make jewelry, do crafts and all that jazz....but I need to actually finish things in order to be actually productive. I have some jewelry in a store on consignmennt and thats turned out to be a dud. I need to get in there and get my jewelry...and demand payment for the things that have sold. If they didn't move the store again on me...and I would LIKE to re-open my etsy store. But I need to finish projects to get the collection ready to go and ship BEFORE I even think about doing that.

I have been writing a novel for about a year now...and I'm only basically half way thru it....I need to finish that up. But again....I need to focus on one thing at a time and just get it done. Yes, I just had a baby. Yes, I have three kids, a husband and a house to run.

But I feel as though I might be a little a.d.d. about the whole thing. Like...ooh, something shiny!....look! Theres a squirrel...kind of thing.Then I stress out over it till' I'm just, not today...some other time.

So, heres to getting stuff done today, one thing at a time ;)

 Which reminds me...I need to go to some thrift stores and make a costume for JJ. I always follow thru for others, just not for myself. Wierd, huh? What does that mean? Do I not take myself seriously? Do I not believe I can do it? Or is it that my self esteem is so low that I dont have confidence in Im not actually good enough to finish it, cuz noone will want to see what I have done anyway. Wow. Maybe. Do I have something to prove to myself??? Well, I do now. I'm going to prove to myself, that whether someone else likes it or not. I DO....and it was worth it to me. Yeah, thats it. Rawr.

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