Monday, January 14, 2013

Grilling season debacle.

 Hello there!

  It's been awhile, eh? Here's my random rant/question I pose for the day...

  When did, "Grilling Season" become only summer time? Does the grill disappear? Are we so afraid of the elements that we refuse to step out and use it, even though we want to grill something. Why can't we use the oven.... or better yet, utilize George Foreman's meal ticket?

  This morning... I began earnestly looking up wieght training tips for women, and focusing on on "form" and beginner excercises... when I started thinking that I needed to reduce carbs and increase protien in my diet. Which then led me to thinking about food.... and then before you know it... I started to think about Chili's margarita Chicken.

  Needless to say, I was on in a matter of minutes, looking up chicken marinades. :)
Anyhow, I find a seemingly great recipe and decide to read the reviews. (Necessary homework) and I could not believe my eyes. People are WAITING yes, WAITING for grilling season to enjoy these recipes, which they claim to love, btw...

  (My jaw dropped). Not just one posted review, but 2 and then 3 and before you know it... I'm raising my hands in the air like, "What is this world coming too?" Grill if you want to people, don't wait until the weather is nicer! Just do it, if you want to!

  They obviously don't want to, right? It's their opinion, and that's fantastic... What is yours?? If you want to grill, (inside or out) wouldn't you just do it? Why "wait" until grilling season??? Is there some sort of law that could be in effect in some state that I am just ignorant to? I say... just eat it. :)

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