Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hello there!

  I decided to link my facebook author page to my blog today in a meager attempt to network. I'm so horrible at this. I suppose if I had the self confidence of a stallion at a petting zoo, I would be better equipped to handle the self promotion.  Sadly, I'm more of a donkey at the Kentucky Derby, pity partying my way through the days events. EE Awww!

  Anyhow... welcome, ALL, to my blog, where I'm able to be and say what I want without caring what others think of me. Are you ready for this. psshh.. you better be.. cuz, this happening. (I'm pointing to all of me).

    Okay, enough of that. Don't want to get you over excited or anything. So... please check in from time to time and read what I'm writing... it could be funny, sad, odd or just plain boring... but if you're on the computer.. your bored already.. right? I'm here for your entertainment! I seriously appreciate the support... and please visit my facebook author page to learn about my very first novel, Vendetta. it's a doozy...

  I've been told to put the cuss words back in it as I "toned it down" recently... and well... I agree. It's necessary for the character to be himself, even if I'm trying to please everyone in real life.

  Indie writers are the bees knees. We can do what we want... when we wanna and change our minds about it the same day. BOOM! How do you like that Mr. Agent man who said I couldn't do it without proper representation!

  Oops. Got off track a little but I'm back. Thanks for checking out my facebook and reading my blog! :) <3 jen


  1. I think you are doing great at the networking bit. And yes, I agree, Indie authors are the bees knees!

    1. Thank you Elmarie, I appreciate your support!