Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Adult content... please don't read unless you can handle being an adult.

Hello there!

    Todays discussion topic deals with writing a fictional crime novel. FICTION.... :) For those that needed the extra clarification.... here ya go.

   Fiction: Is literature in the form of prose, esp. short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.

   I wrote a wikid story. It's graphic, bloody, sexy, and suspenseful. It's sad... heartbreaking, faith renewing and thoughtful. I wanted to finish my book and dedicate it to my friend Allie, who passed away years ago, unexpectedly, and I did. I even self published it. Here's the thing... I let her down. I let the story down... and I let MYSELF down. Why do you ask??? Because I let others tell me how it should be done. I listened to there critique (Some hadn't even read it)... and I changed the story. I took out the cuss words, changes scenarios to make it nicer, and even cut out a sizable chunk of the sex scene in chapter 13 and turned it into an "intimate" moment.

   I felt, that by editing it this way,  it would make people want to read it. I hoped it wouldn't offend anyone. I didn't want people to think badly of me or think I was wierd. But heres the thing... ever since I released it, it hasn't felt right. But now I have the courage and understanding to... well. Do whatever the HELL I want.

    I'm re writing it... going back to my original manuscript and re vamping it the way it was, but adding a few details along the way. Why not? I'm the freaking publisher! I can do whatever I want because I'm the author of a FICTIONAL crime novel. So Retribution is on hold for now... while I bring a little grit to Vendetta. It's not supposed to be pretty... it's not supposed to be happy and  clean. Thats how MY story is different. I have to stay true to it, and do it justice. Allie wouldn't want it any other way.

Here's what people had said about Vendetta.

"It's not Godly."
"It's sad... and dark. Why would you write this..."
"The language is actually really offensive."
"As a Christion, you need to serve the Lord and not the Devil."
"People don't talk like this..." (I'll tell you what. Mark, wouldn't NOT cuss. That's not he rolls.) mark is a character btw..

The Italians that I  know and love... talk like that. So there.

Hold up... The DEVIL???? Now I'm serving the devil?  *facepalm*

"Jesus tested you and you gave into the temptation of the enemy." I'm giving in to my FREEDOM. Free will and free speech! Look that up, unless you want to call that fiction as well... (hey! That means that you really DO know what fiction is.) I'm so proud...

   Okay enough... I could go on, but will spare you. GOD created me... my mind, body and spirit. It's identical of  HIS perfect image. Right? My imagination comes from that... I am a human being that likes to write stories... big deal! That does mean I devil worship.... No,you silly people! This is made for adults to read.... knowing full well what to expect! If you don't like foul language, you may read the ya version... but please don't read the adult version and hit me up with..."This isn't Godly."

On a side note... many of my christian brothers and sisters quite enjoyed my book... ;) Shhh... it's a secret.

Stay tuned for Vendetta Unrated and Uncut.


  1. YOU Go GIRL!!!! That is exactly what I thought as I was reading it....this needs some grit! A copy wouldn't "pretty up" his language! He would say the four letter words.....I say do it girl!! Make it real!! Make it feel right, so you can feel good and proper about the good book you have written!!! GO FOR IT!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. YOU GO GIRL!!! What you have said is exactly what I thought as I read it....a cop wouldn't talk like this! This needs grit!! Make it like you want it so you can be even more proud and feel good about it....that you have done the best job you possibly could and it's as real as you can possibly make it all within the boundaries of fiction!! GO FOR IT!! XOXOXOXO