Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tight fittin' jeans...

  Hello there! Today I want to talk about awesome husbands and a sweeet pair of jeans. ;)

As a bigger girl, it's hard for me to find pants that fit and are comfortable... but more importantly affordable. I shop at thrift stores and walmart clearance like the best of em' but I still long for the trifecta. You know what I mean... Stretchy denim, mid rise (at least) to help hide our muffin tops, and affordable. It's so hard to find cute jeans in bigger sizes, under 15.00 bucks. Some of you might say... Oh, It's not hard... you just don't go to the right place. Well, I have 3 kids and I'm a stay at home mom, my book hasn't taken off and I'm on a budget. I can't go to certain stores. Period. but I would LOVE to!

So yesterday... my husband and I were back to school shopping with the kids and we decided to wander over to the dressing rooms for our oldest son to try on a pair of pants. My husband, starts looking at womens pants and I immediatley start in... "No honey, I don't need pants, we're here for the kiddos." He says.."You need a pair a pants! They have clearance stuff, why don't you take a look and see if theres anything you like?" There's all kinds of pants... just pick a pair that you like and let me worry about the price!" God, I love that man.

I'm very flattered until I see the price tag. $53.99 for a pair of pants???? Thanks Shopko, for the laugh! I needed that...

So needless to say my very sweet husband talks me into trying on a pair of pants. I found a pair that was on sale for $23.99 (Still too much), but he's right. I do need pants. Just not expensive ones. But I see the situation for what it is... and that my husband is trying to do something nice for me. I grab some 16's...and think that they might fit! I was wrong. they'were baggy. (Squee)! Thats good... considering I'm now at least a 14! Woo hoo! But now, I can't find anything under 16. What the heck?

Then I have this epiphany! I realize that I might not have to shop in the plus sizes anymore. (My excitement builds!) I walk over to the land of regular sizes, in uncharted territory. I glance around at the other women who are thinner than me, but I don't feel discouraged. I keep on going. I walk over to the 14's and find the same brand of pants that I loved in a size 16. I ran to the dressing room! I slip them on.... and they fit! They're also a tad baggy!!! But then I think to myself... they'll shrink a little... and I probably won't lose any wieght over the holidays... so I'll just keep these. Yeah, that's what I'll do! They were so stretchy and comfy, I could move and bend... and they made my butt look good!

So walk out of there... super excited... talking a mile a minute to my husband about the 14's and he says... "try on a 12. See how it fits." I froze. A 12? That's pushing it don't you think? No, I'm not going to set myself up for that kind of failure... I'm on a high right now!
I walk over and find a pair of 12's. I hold em and size them with my eye. Could this be? Ok, I will try. It's alright if there too tight... I've already come down from the 16's. I'll take that victory...let's give it a shot.

So, I'm back in the dressing room, and I start pulling up the pants, one leg at a time... and they go up. I pause for the difficult transition that I like to call, the "Shimmy" (the skillful manuevering over  my hips and booty.) And the went up without a fight!!! Dare I button and zip them??? Flawless!! I was so excited... I fumbled with the button, but whatever! They fit!!! I still had lee-way and they felt AMAZING!I squatted and expected a creak in the fabric, but there was nothing but movement! I ran out to show Josh. (My hubby). Yes, in front of others. In public. (NEVER HAPPENS) And I spun for him (hubby's always have to check the rear... am I right ladies?) "Wow! Those jeans look nice on you mommy!" Says my children... "Yes, they do"... says my hubby with a wink. SOLD. "You're getting those." He said slyly.

So... as I'm putting my old maternity cargo pants back on and folding the jeans I'm about to buy... I realize that I'm totally emotional about getting these pants. Pants. They made me that happy. I wanted to cry.Well, I did. (Shh). All I could think about as I drifted off to sleep last night... was that I had an awesome husband, adorable kids... and that Marilyn Monroe was a size 12. ;)

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