Friday, August 23, 2013

"Happiness is a cup of Jen."- Allie V.

Hello there!

(I basically talk to myself during my blogs and pose rhetorical questions for my inner psyche to answer. So bare with me, please.)

Today I have something wieghing heavily on my mind. Like, the future. Why worry about tomorrow when you will only waste today, you say? Well, that just wouldn't be me. :)

For 9 years now I have only wanted to be a good mother to my children, productive house wife and a supportive partner to my husband. Now, I'm realizing that my kids are all going to be in school next year and I want to go back to work. I will of course, go and get anything that fits into our schedule... but I feel a "now or never" yearning. I have this whole next year to put together resumes and job hunt, but more importantly, I get this time with Lily belle... just the 2 of us.

I worked at KFC for managed a KFC and A&W for 6 months... ran the store solo for 4 months while the store manager "visited" mexico. (Thats actually for a different blog).. but when I left, I was about to get my own store... it just wasn't for me. I was trying to get married and start a family... But I was NEVER home and hardly ever saw my fiance.

My husband and I were both supervisors at Petco... and I've worked other jobs... orchard Animal clinic, and Albertsons. My favorite, all time job was Starbucks. My love and appreciation of coffee, combined with awesome customer service... I miss it so much. I quickly became a supervisor and was in talks to being the manager, but I moved and needed to transfer to another location. It was a tough decision. I still enjoyed the ambience and dreamed of running my own espresso shop someday.... Starbucks is a great company to work for, and so was Albertsons.

I'm an Indie Author, with one novel under my belt, and the sequel on the way. I make and sell custom jewelry and sell online in my Etsy shop, as well as privately for friends and family. It's an expensive hobby really... I don't make much money off of it and rarely see a profit, as I like to give everything away. :) It makes me feel good, what can I say?

In my ideal vision for the future, I would do as follows...

Apply for a business loan. LOL! I want to lease or buy a commercial property in town and open up my vision for "Moulton Java". :) Thats my business name... get it.. Moulton. Haha.We've been working on our credit and are in great standings, but we would need to save up for a down payment. Josh is getting his business degree... I have mangerial skills and have been likened to a certain german dictator. Work ethic only, (No names anybody). My creative vision is unique and my business plan is well thought out. My husband is in accounting and can help budget and run books with me... which I also have strong experience in... but what really gets my boat floating... is the people. I LOVE smiling and laughing and having a good time while working my butt off! I miss the customers... meeting new people and becoming apart of ther lives, as they become apart of mine. I miss the rush... the thrill of a crowd and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a long work day. I want a place where my children can come to work with me... and learn the business of coffee, espresso and genuine love for the public. As a little girl, making and serving my daddy coffee was the best feeling. I was providing him something he loved and wanted, and feeling appreciated and needed was my reward.

I will also continue to write... selling my books in my own place, and showcasing my beadwork and vintage treasures as well. I'll never stop making jewelry, writing or yard saling/antiquing... but I know that I can run a successful business. If you could find a way to incorporate all the things you love and are passionate about... and turn it into a way of life and stability.. wouldn't you try? <3

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