Monday, August 26, 2013

Hello Darlin'.... It's been a long time.

To be judged and condemned is not a good thing. I wouldn't do it to someone else... unless I felt they deserved it... (Like commit a crime or do something morally repugnant.) But I would still say to myself (not outloud) that God will judge them..I still wouldn't concern myself with there personal affairs and threaten their afterlife with a poor excuse for a guilt trip. Ok, maybe I should explain....

Friend: You haven't been at church alot this summer. Maybe a handful of times.

Me: I know, it's been crazy busy. It's hard to fit all the family stuff, trips, reunions and what nots during the week. Plus Josh has been working sundays up until 3 weeks ago. We had to make up for the summer with family stuff.

Friend: (serious answer) Thats really not an excuse... thats Exactly what GOD will say to you when you can't get through the gates of heaven. He's too busy for you.

Me: ???????????

Really??? This is "REALLY"! A segment featuring  Josh and Jen. (Seth and Amy knock-off, for all you S.N.L. fans.)

Really?? Gods not going to let me into heaven because I went on a trip with my family? Really? Do you REALLY think that God is such a petty, mean sprited God that he is going to ban me from the spiritual afterlife because I went tent camping??? (In His country, no less!) Really?? Since you're so concerned with my faith and relationship with GOD than you should come wake up my 3 kids and give them baths and dress them after they've been sick in a car for 13 freaking hours! I'd like to see how well that goes over! Really. Reallly...

 So, I smiled... and then said. "YOU worry about YOU and your relationship with GOD and do whats best for you and yours. Thank you for our concern though." I walked away.

 I know I haven't been to church alot... but thats not why it bothers me so much. I actually didn't feel like that was a very "christian" thing to say. There is no reason to be that forward and judgmental. If I had bruises on my face... cried all the time or showed up drunk to church... then PLEASE... ask questions about my current life choices. At least SAY you're coming from a loving and supportive place if your going to threaten my afterlife and give me a guilt trip over something. Thats being a good friend/christian... and I don't need to attend EVERY Sunday to have learned that.

I'm going to pray for them...

:) There. All better now.


  1. Good for you. The bible talks about your relationship with God. Not your relationship with a building.